Ready to stop the hustling to land your next client?

As a business owner, you’re constantly pulled in multiple directions. And the last thing you need to worry about is not having generating enough revenue to keep your business afloat.

And there’s only one way to generate a consistent stream of revenue in your business…

You need leads! And not just any leads, you need quality leads who are your ideal clients.

So, you keep hearing that Facebook advertising works but there’s just ONE problem…

You don’t have time to become a Facebook Ads expert AND run your business too!

Let’s face it…between managing your team, juggling clients, attending network events, and attempting to have a personal life, you don’t know HOW you’re going to fit it all in.

Because here’s the truth…

Running a successful Facebook ads campaign isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s both an art and a science. Sure, you can take a course and learn the process, but then, you’ll have to do it (and do it well) while balancing the other gazillion hats you’re wearing in your business.

So, you find yourself faced with three choices:

You can continue to scramble to find your ideal clients so you can produce consistent revenue in your business;

You can trying to figure out Facebook Ads on your own while the other parts of your business and personal life suffer.


You can hand it over to a team of experts who’s committed to doing it for you and equipped to help you accelerate lead generation and increase sales.

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This is Tameka’s zone of excellence!

Before working with Tameka, I wanted to leverage Facebook ads , but I had no idea how to use it to attract quality leads in a cost effective manner. She helped me avoid getting my ad rejected by ensuring it aligned with Facebook’s policies, which in my niche can be challenging.

After working with Tameka, I have a much better understanding of ad targeting, reporting, AND I grew my list by 49% with leads as low as $1.56 each!  Sherry VanAntwerp | Fitness & Mindset Coach