Remember getting your first client? I do. It felt like getting that “big” gift on Christmas morning!

But then, after a while, the newness starts to wear off and you begin to realize one thing. This big gift wasn’t quite what it was cracked up to be. Well, that’s how it can feel to end up working with the wrong client.

If we’re not careful, we’ll get so caught up in the excitement of finally nailing a client that we lose perspective of the red flags that may have surfaced in the process.

And if you haven’t started working with your first client yet, don’t worry. Today’s video will share a critical process to put in place to make sure your first client isn’t your worst client.

So, how do you avoid wasting time with the “wrong” client? Click the image below to learn:

  • The #1 thing you NEED to have in place before you schedule a discovery session.
  • Why NOT to book a client (even if they can pay you).
  • And the 3 questions you must ask to learn all you need to know about your perspective client.

Click the image below and watch the video now!

So, how are you qualifying your clients? Share your comments or questions below.

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