Don’t you love great customer service? I know I do.

As a matter of fact, I can’t remember a time that I had an awesome experience with a business and didn’t tell EVERYONE I knew.

And if you ask my family, they’ll tell you I’m a stickler for comparing a customer service experience to Disney. Disney has such great culture that after you’ve experienced the “magic”, you’ll want to get that same experience everywhere you go.

Well, I had one of those experiences while at a recent hair appointment. Hint: If you live in the Pensacola area, you must check out Salon San Carlos. Tell them Tameka sent you!

While I was there, the salon owner shared a critical key to being so good at what they do and it immediately reminded me of a similar practice with Facebook ads.

So, watch today’s video and learn about the ONE thing you should always do with your Facebook ads.

Now, I want to hear from you? What’s one takeaway you learned from today’s video? Be sure to drop your questions and comments below.

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