Running Facebook Ads for your business?

If so, then you probably know that so much attention is given to the ad itself that one critical component is often left out…the landing page.

Why? Because there’s a misconception that all you have to do is create a killer ad and that the rest is history. And, unfortunately, this is far from the truth. A killer Facebook Ad will cause your lead to click on it, but it won’t seal the deal to have them join your list or buy your service.

Your landing page does that!

But I’ve found what stops people from putting creating a quality landing page is they’re not sure how or they just don’t have the time.

There’s a couple of ways you can handle this.

  • You could do it yourself – but it’s time-consuming!
  • Hire a developer to build it for you which is extremely expensive.
  • Or, you can use a landing page builder.

Well, in today’s video, I want to share with you my absolute favorite landing page builder, Leadpages. Click to watch it now!

So, are you ready to get started with Leadpages? You can check it out here!

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And I’ll be back next week with my review of another popular landing page builder – Ontrapages.

Until next time,

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  • Fred Castle says:

    Again great information, my question is it seems that having a landing page is more directed at service-based entrepreneurs rather than say a jewelry designer like me. Of course I am 77 years of age and a little slow on the uptake and my backgroud in online marketing is rather limited. I designed jewely for many years after retirement then injured my hand so learned and researched formulating natural skin and haircare, then started my own line Studio 74 Naturals, but I think due to my lack of online marketing knowledge it didn’t do real great, between my own website (which nothing ever did sell) to etsy, and ebay I finally decided I was getting frustrated and bored with it, so have figured out a way of designing and making unique wearable art jewelry again. So after the long winded approach to this, how does landing pages apply to me, on a very limited budget?
    Thank You,
    Fred Castle, U. S. Navy (retired)

    • Tameka Allen says:

      Hi Fred. First, I must thank you for your service to our country. My husband is soon to be retired as well!

      To answer your question, you can still use landing pages for your business as well. If you run a Facebook ad for your jewelry business, once your leads click on the ad, they’ll be taken to a landing page to give them a little bit more info about your offer. That offer could be for free shipping or special pricing. Once they provide their information, you can then take them to what’s called a “thank you” page (another landing page) to confirm they’ve signed up and to check their email to retrieve the offer.

      And their are tons of landing page systems out there but I’m reviewing a few. If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider Leadpages. They’re standard plan starts is $37.00 per month or $25 per month when paid annually. I use it myself and started with the standard plan and then upgraded as I needed more advanced features.

      You can check them out here –>

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