Quick question. Have you ever ran in the cold? I remember, once upon a time, I would see people running in cold weather and think to myself, “Yeah, that will NEVER be me!”.

Well, let’s just say I definitely put my foot in my mouth!

As I get closer to the big 4-0 (and my metabolism continues to slow down), I have gotten to the point where I have to workout to maintain my girlish figure.

So, I’ve been going to a local walking trail to do my walk/run 4 days a week. And, in the morning it’s been brutally cold here in Florida…like in the low 30’s. But one morning, in particular, I was running and not only was it cold, but the wind was howling! I felt like a popsicle in a freezer!

Here’s a picture of me on one of my walk/runs!

I’ll be honest, for as much as I wanted to give up, I kept thinking how much more I want a healthier version of me. Then, it happened, I turned a corner on the trail and the wind came to a screeching halt! So, hanging in there and pushing through that tough moment, allowed me to find my groove and finish my workout.

And sometimes, that’s what we have to do with Facebook ads. We’ve got to hang in there to start seeing results.

So, check out today’s video as I share one thing you need to do to hang in there when running Facebook ads.

Now, I want to hear from you! What’s one takeaway you learned from today’s video? Be sure to drop your questions and comments below.

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