Can you imagine not having to waste anymore time in the dreaded Power Editor?

What if you no longer had to keep up with yet another change on Facebook?

We’re here to help you. 

So here’s the deal. You know you need to use Facebook Ads in your marketing strategy but you don’t have the time to take on all the moving parts that come along with it.

You have a team but they don’t have the time to master Facebook Ads and focus on their primary responsibilities.

Or maybe you’re frustrated because you’re not getting the results you were hoping for (and wasting money in the process).

So, before you give up on advertising on Facebook, consider this…

Out of over 2+ billion users on Facebook, 1.3+ billion are on there EVERYDAY, with those kinds of stats, it’s hard to argue that your ideal clients aren’t there waiting for you.

What does this mean for you? It equals a HUGE opportunity for your business! And we’re on a mission to help you tap into it.

I’m Tameka Allen and my team and I work with entrepreneurs + business owners to attract, engage, and convert quality leads with Facebook Ads. Our mission is to help you create a lead generation system that runs on autopilot so you get your ROI and increase the bottom line of your business.

Here’s What Others Are Saying…


“I approached Tameka Allen because I was looking for help with growing my list through Facebook ads but had no idea where or how to start. I knew I needed to use Facebook ads to attract my ideal clients but truly had no desire to figure out the maze of how to create a successful ad campaign. After working with Tameka I have greater clarity on how to use Facebook ads in my business and I was able to grow my email list with quality leads. I would recommend Tameka to business owners who need help using Facebook ads to attract their target audience and build their list.”

Lisa DanforthBusiness Strategist for Female Entrepreneurs 


“In my experience, Tameka she is one of the most well versed Facebook Ad strategists I know. She not only enjoys assisting her clients with managing their Facebook ads, but also works to understand their complete funnel in an effort to ensure optimal results. Tameka will assist with running your Facebook ads, assisting with ad copy and creative and work to find strategies that work for your specific niche. I would highly recommend Tameka as a Facebook Ad Strategist.”

Laura Ball | Course Creator


Before working with Tameka, I wanted to grow my list using Facebook ads but I had no idea how to make sure I was getting quality leads and doing it in a cost effective manner. She helped me avoid getting my ad rejected by ensuring it aligned with Facebook’s ever changing policies, which in my niche can be challenging.

After working with Tameka, I have a much better understanding of ad targeting, reporting, AND I grew my list by 49% with leads as low as $1.56 each!

I would recommend Tameka to business owners who want to leverage Facebook ads so you can work smarter not harder. There are SO many little nuances to Facebook ads that, unless this is your specialty, you will not maximize results. This is indeed Tameka’s zone of excellence. Let her do the heavy lifting for you and get the most out of your efforts by having a professional do the implementation for you. You still have input every step of the way, but she can be your compass through the Facebook ads jungle!

Sherry VanAntwerp | Mindset, Wellness, and Lifestyle Coach

Not Sure If We Can Help You?

Here’s Who We Work Best With

Coaches, Consultants, Dentists, Lawyers, Realtors, Home Developers, Financial Advisors, Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons/Cosmetic Procedures, Web Designers, Photographers, and other businesses that sell a service or digital product to their clients and customers.

Businesses We Don’t Work With

Not-for-profit organizations – Good News! I have a colleague who specializes in nonprofits. Click here to contact my friends at The Cause Cafe.

E-Commerce – I have some connections here too. Click here to request more info. 

Network Marketing

MLM or Direct Selling


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Wondering why do we do this?

We want to help you gain clarity on how to make FACEBOOK ads a success for you and ensure we’re a good fit to work together.

Please Note: Due to the hands on nature of these consultations, WE only conduct a limited number per week.

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